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Can You Guess How Many?

One of my tasks this week as a volunteer in the library at my son’s junior high was to count mellowcreme pumpkins and candy corn to go into a plastic gallon-sized paint tin. I ran out of candy before it … Read the rest

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Week at a Glance

Whew!  Last week was even crazier than normal.  As the PTA Literacy Chair for my younger son’s school, it was my job to run the last Scholastic book fair of the year, and it was a LOT of work.  I … Read the rest

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It. Is. Done.

This past weekend was the Avon Walk in Houston, and I am happy to report, that I survived.  We actually had a couple of almost perfect days.  Late April in Houston can be muggy and hot, but Saturday was breezy … Read the rest

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