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Austensibly Ordinary Launch Party!

February 2013 018I know, I know! I should have posted launch party pics a long time ago.  Sorry that I’m just now getting to it. If you can’t tell from the photos, it was awesome. We did it at Dunn Bros Coffee … Read the rest

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Yummy McYum!

Oh…my…goodness!  Imagine having a cupcake van pull up at your birthday party!  With a fold-out display case!!

Imagine working in a cupcake van!

Look at those tires!  And the pin stripe of flavors!

This van would be perfect at … Read the rest

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Inventions in Cake

I tend to be a traditionalist as far as my desserts go…I like the classics:

Chocolate layer cake with chocolate buttercream frosting
Lemon meringue pie
Brownies from a box mix
Homemade chocolate chip cookies

I’m fascinated–and really rather impressed–when bakers … Read the rest

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