My Favorite Literary Sleuths

If I hadn’t added that ‘Literary’ part, then Richard Castle just might top my list.  Followed closely by The Bletchley Circle.  (If you’re not watching either of those shows–you should be!)

images-2Anyway, my favorite sleuths who originated between the pages of some of my favorite books (in no particular order):


1.  Flavia de Luce from the Flavia de Luce Mysteries by Alan Bradley.  This series has been optioned for TV movies!  Whoo-hoo!

2.  Mo LeBeau from Three Times Lucky and the sequel, coming in February (yay!) by Sheila Turnage

3.  Isabel Spellman from the Spellman Books by Lisa Lutz

4.  Lady Julia Grey from the Lady Julia Mysteries by Deanna Raybourn

5.  Patricia Anne Hollowell and Mary Alice Crane from the Southern Sisters Mysteries by Anne George

6.  Lady Georgiana Rannoch from the Royal Spyness Mysteries

7.  Hercule Poirot of Agatha Christie fame.

8.  Miss Dimple Kilpatrick from the Miss Dimple Mysteries by Mignon Ballard

9.  Lady Emily Hargreaves from the Lady Emily Mysteries by Tasha Alexander

10. Maggie Hope from the Maggie Hope Mysteries by Susan Elia MacNeal


This, my friends, is a solid list, with LOTS of books to choose from.  Don’t say I don’t do you any favors…

Okay, so I didn’t link any of these books or authors.  You’re all tough cookies, and they’re easy enough to find.

What are some of your favorites?


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  1. Thanks for the list, added all but Poirot books to my want to read list

  2. Looks like a fun list. I have to admit that I rarely read mysteries, but if I get in the mood for one, I’ll refer to your list.

    Of your list, I’ve read several Poirots (but probably not since the early nineties), the first Flavia de Luce, and the first Lady Emily.

    • Alyssa Goodnight

      I think I remember you liking the Lady Emily mystery. The Lady Julia Grey mysteries are quite similar–you’d probably enjoy.

      I’m curious as to what you thought of Flavia.

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