The Pumpkin Pie Travesty

So today is the Thanksgiving Holiday Lunch at my younger son’s elementary school. What this entails is a Thanksgiving-inspired menu and an invitation to parents to join the ‘feast.’  Typically, parents are served the exact same lunch as the kids, with slightly bigger portions, and  a choice of iced tea to drink.  This year, in their infinite wisdom (consider the sarcasm dripping), the School Board–or possible a state agency, I have no idea whose bright idea this was–has decided that the Thanksgiving meal, with its turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, and roll–and a carton of milk–has too many calories to allow the kids to have the customary sliver of pumpkin pie.  This year, the parents are being served a piece of pie, but the kids are not.  Here’s my two cents on that:

What the heck is the point of a Thanksgiving meal without the pumpkin pie???

The principal has said that, of course, parents can give  their pumpkin pie to their kids, but what about kids whose parents couldn’t come???  Ridiculous!  It makes me want to head up there with a stack of pumpkin pies and slice ’em up and hand ’em around–with a big ole dollop of Cool Whip!!

My son isn’t having the Thanksgiving meal–the pumpkin pie and roll would have been the only things he wanted on the whole tray–and I’m not attending.  I’m just ranting from home, imagining all those sad little faces that aren’t getting pumpkin pie.

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  1. Umm I can only imagine whoever came up with this plan doesn’t have kids and possibly has never seen kids before. Sit here and watch your parents eat pumpkin pie?. Yeah, that’s how the world works.

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