The Books of October

Some reasons I’ve been looking forward to October…

The Runaway Princess (Love, love, love Hester Browne!)
Beautiful Redemption (I’m totally caught up in the Beautiful Creatures saga!)
Princess Elizabeth’s Spy (Was hooked with the first Maggie Hope Mystery.)
Death in the Floating City (Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily books are some of my faves.)

Which ones am I missing??



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  1. You have the two I’ve pre-ordered on the list…Hester Brown’s and Tasha Alexander’s (which I’ve actually read an advanced copy of and completely adored!). I’ve just recently discovered Hester Brown and absolutely love her!

  2. YES and YES for Susan and Tasha’s books! My daughter is looking forward to the release of Riordan’s THE MARK OF ATHENA.

  3. I dig that cover for Beautiful Redemption.

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    I dig all of them! 😉

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