I’ve been waiting weeks to reveal the cover for my January 2013 release, and finally I have been given permission.  So, may I present AUSTENSIBLY ORDINARY.  Its release date is January 29, 2013, which is exactly two hundred years and ONE DAY after the publication of Pride & Prejudice!!

So? What do you think? I think it pairs well with AUSTENTATIOUS, and I love the colors!

The cover model definitely looks up to something! And I am THRILLED to have that quote from Sophie Jordan, whom Kensington clearly thinks is well-known enough as to make credentials superfluous. I hope so!

I don’t have galleys to give away yet, but I’m holding a giveaway anyway!

There is more than one way to enter (of course).

1. Leave me a comment here on the blog, letting me know what you think.

2. Post this giveaway to your Facebook page.

3. Post this giveaway to Twitter:  I just saw the cover of  AUSTENSIBLY ORDINARY and entered @a_goodnight’s galley giveaway!

4. Pin the cover of AUSTENSIBLY ORDINARY onto one of your Pinterest boards.

5. Share the cover or post the giveaway on your blog.

Each effort is worth one entry. If you’re the random winner drawn on July 4th, I will ship you out a galley as soon as I have them in my hot little hands.

And book bloggers: if you’re interested in receiving a galley for review, please let me know!

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  1. Love the cover! Even more beautiful than the first!

  2. I have to agree with you, Alyssa. I love the colors and think it goes well with Austentatious. They are similar enough in looks to draw readers’ attention. Hmm. I wonder what your heroine is up to? By chance is the hero in this book as swoon-worthy as Sean MacInnes? (Just curious).
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

  3. I tweeted this!

    Love the cover, and it does coordinate well with Austentatious. Congrats! January seems so far away but it’ll be here in a flash, I know.

  4. Can’t wait to read it!!! I’ll make it the book of the month on my little bitty bookclub page and with my Austenites book club:)

    I just started a blog for my bookclub on blogger too!!!

  5. WOW! Does she ever look like she’s up to something! I love this!

    I would love to BLOG about this… if that is a way to earn a galley. Be a part of your blog tour once again (I was very honored for Austentatious – one of my ALL TIME favs!)

    But I did comment… and tweeted… and posted on my Musings of a Book Lover and personal FB page!

    Also… you might want to check your own math, tee hee. I think you meant two HUNDRED years and one day after P&P was first published… not two years! 😀

    You Rock and I cannot wait!

  6. Love. This. Cover.

  7. The title + the cover art + “Sometimes you have to find your own happy ending.” = Trifect of AUSomeness (see what I did there?) 😉 Excited for you and can’t wait to read it!

  8. Oops. Left of the a in trifecta. :\

  9. It a beautiful cover! Yup, she’s definitely up to something! Can’t wait to find out what that might be! hehe!

    Tweeted this!

    Pin it on pinterest.

    And I would be very interested in receiving a galley for review!!

  10. I love this cover!!!
    I tweeted post!/bookblogmama
    Pinned on Blog and Books I love on pinterest
    and shared on my FB as Krista Book Review
    Thanks so much another awesome cover to another awesome book!!

  11. I looove the cover. Wonderful! There is always something catchy when there is a book on a cover. And she has some very fine eyes! (I wonder what the whole of what shes wearing actually looks like,… so nice!) :)

    I tweeted ( and pinned it to pinterest!

  12. Such a pretty cover and a great quote!

  13. Christine Blanksvard

    perfect!! Love the cover, can’t wait to read!

  14. Love the cover, Alyssa. I wonder what is the storyline about. Is it an Austen-inspired tale or a contemporary tale of Pride and Prejudice perhaps?

    I will blog about it soon.

  15. Oh my, that is a gorgeous cover! LOVE it! :) Her face makes me want to know what she’s up to…I seem to think we could get in trouble if we were hanging out in real life 😉

    ps: I’m a blogger who would *love* to be added to the galley/review list! :)

  16. Alyssa Goodnight

    Thanks for the love, you guys!

    I fixed that boo-boo, Kate Ann! 😉

    Saw what you did there, Blake…you are AUSOME!

    Lúthien, it’s a contemporary Austen-inspired tale loosely based on Emma.

  17. Stephanie Littlejohn

    Looking forward to this one! Loved the first one and I agree, she does certainly look up to something. And based off Emma…we KNOW she’s up to something. LOL

    I pinned it before I even knew about this…LOL and I also tweeted.

  18. The cover is absolutely beautiful. Her expression is fantastic!

  19. LOVE your new cover!!! How exciting!

  20. I LOVE the cover. You have a good designer.

  21. Beautiful cover, Alyssa. And a great title.

  22. Oh, so it’s an Emma-inspired. I’m excited about it. I blog about it Kindly take a look.

    • Alyssa Goodnight

      Thank you so much for including AUSTENSIBLY ORDINARY in your round-up post!!

  23. Breathtakingly beautiful!!!!

  24. Alyssa Goodnight

    Thank you all so very much!! So glad you love it!

  25. great cover and bet it will be a great book. How wonderful to have an Emma inspired book coming out – we don’t get many of those.

    But so long a wait! won’t even be a Christmas present – but what a great way to start the new year and celebrate 200+1 with Jane

    would love to win this so please enter me, thanks

  26. The cover is lovely! It’s also really different from the first one. :)

    And I absolutely love the title!

  27. I just tweeted the giveaway as well!

  28. Hi Alyssa!!! Awesome cover. Beautiful, and the model definitely looks like she is up to something! 😉 I can’t wait to read this book. I reviewed Austentatious and loved it! This has definitely been added to my “cannot wait for it to be released” list!

    I also pinned this cover ( and I tweeted it (@EveryFreeChance).

  29. Shared picture of the cover AND shared this page – I’m really excited for this book!

  30. Love this spicy little cover. She obviously has something naughty up her sleeve! The colors are just perfect. I have to review your book. Nina Benneton is a good friend and she’d expect me to!!! LOL Send a copy asap, please! :] I wish you well upon your “coming out party.”

  31. the cover is very ‘come hither’-esque!!!! LOL!!
    thank you for the giveaway!!!
    sharing on my FB wall,

  32. Audrey Reed

    I love the cover. It would make me pick up the book in a store. Or click on it!

  33. HapPy 4th Alyssa !
    and more HaPpiness over this mischievous cover!
    what IS she up to?.. ‘liking’ a LOT! and your giveaway creativity :)

  34. @_eHope tweeted

  35. posted at r sidebar – i remember having your countdown button up for months!
    good for you Alyssa ~ another anticipation…;)

  36. HapPy to review if you’d like to contact me directly…

  37. The cover is adorable! I love the model & her sly pose. Can’t wait till January!!

  38. I love the cover. I think it fits with the first one, and that the model is gorgeous in a way not often seen on book covers. So pretty!

  39. I love this cover. I tweeted, posted and facebook! And I would love a chance to read this novel.

  40. I love the fact that the model on the front looks like a real person, not screened for perfection. Good luck with your release, Alyssa.

  41. I love the cover. I just read AUTENTATIOUS and am looking forward to AUSTENSIBLY ORDINARY. Pinned on my “Books I want to read” board on Pinterest.

  42. Oh, I forgot to mention that I would definitely be willing to review it! I freaking love Austen adaptations, and yours actually sound awesome!!!

  43. Like the cover a lot! Good luck!!

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