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Remember me?  Seems like forever since I’ve posted, but honestly, with everything else going on, this blog has simply slipped through the cracks.  And I apologize to my 2 (3?) dedicated readers. :)

Today I’m simply posting to reveal the secret message that my Scavenger Hunt produced and to announce the Winner!

The secret message was… Experience and rediscover the magic of Jane Austen in quirky Austin, Texas.

The view down South Congress Ave in Austin, Texas, via.

Thank you to all of you who worked it out and played along!  I hope you had fun!  And for those who have purchased AUSTENTATIOUS already, thank you!  I hope you are enjoying it!

But  I could only pick one winner, and it was blueyedirishgrl.  She selected a $100 B&N gift card as her prize.  Congratulations, Michele!!

I hope to be back tomorrow, after I’ve submitted my (already late) first 50 pages of a new project to my agent.  I hope you’ll swing back by.  Then again, it’s possible the sore throat I contracted today will morph into something worse, and I won’t feel up to blogging at all.  Let’s all cross our fingers that that won’t happen!

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  1. Congrats, Michelle! :)

    Ugh, hope you feel better — I picked up a lovely bug from my favorite freshman, and am STILL trying to fully defeat it. Here’s hoping yours is a quick, minor thing :)

    • Alyssa Goodnight

      Thanks, Rebecca! So far, it’s mostly just a horrible sore throat. :)

  2. Well Done, Michele! Congrats on a fabulous prize! I am most envious, and hope that you get yourself a copy of this fabulous book, if you haven’t already!

    Thanks again for the chance, Alyssa! Hope sales continue to skyrocket!


  3. I still show up here every day… just for the record. :)

    • Alyssa Goodnight

      I am so flattered, David!
      (Are you just here to keep your math skills sharp?) 😉

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