Still a really excellent kiss…

From September 2005…this makes me want to read the whole series all over again!

Just recently I read the most perfect description of a kiss that I have read in a very long time—maybe ever. And it was totally unexpected—I wasn’t even reading a romance novel. I was reading the ever popular, beautifully inventive Book 6 of the Harry Potter series. I have included it below:

“After several moments—or it might have been half and hour—or possibly several sunlit days—they broke apart.”

— J.K. Rowling from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It is succinct but evocative, not to mention emotionally charged. As a reader of predominantly romance, I have been waiting through Books 1-5 for Harry to develop some sort of crush or romantic interest. And he did, I believe, in Book 4, but that’s long over, and Harry’s seventeen now (or almost), so really, I imagined that there should be something. I was not disappointed. I await Book 7 with the thrill of romantic possibility.

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