Man Nipples

From March 2008. Original title: “Nipples and Such”

Excerpt from this morning’s email from my sister:
“By the way, I saw a nipple in Walmart.”

Now this could mean anything, but it just so happens, I have some context for this odd insert. Last week while on the phone, I casually mentioned that I’d heard from a source of unconfirmed reliability that Walmart doesn’t stock romance novels that feature a male nipple on their covers. I can only assume my sister, ever the efficient curiosity-seeker, took it upon herself to test this supposition.

Evidently, the claim is bogus. A bit of quick-thinking and sure-footed sleuthing cracked The Case of Walmart vs. The Exposed Man Nipple.

Brava, sister!

And from my mother, a very interesting link on Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day…

Image via (Honestly, I couldn’t not post it.)

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  1. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I can’t open the LINK!
    Never knew that about nipples and Walmart…it does sound like the sort of thing to be true.

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