Gluten list for the glutinous

My son was diagnosed with celiac disease back in January, and tweaking his diet has been a little bit of a challenge.  But he’s rallied and is now pretty comfortable with things.  During a follow-up visit with the doctor, he suggested that the rest of us get checked, just in case.  Since then, my younger son has had a blood test that was positive for celiac markers.  He currently has an appointment with a gastroenterologist.   And I have had a blood test that was positive for celiac markers.  On Wednesday this week, I also had an upper endoscopy to determine for certain whether or not I have celiac disease too.  Indicators (i.e. pictures of my small intestine) indicate that I do, but until the biopsy comes back, I won’t know for sure.

If I do, I’d need to go on the diet too.  And I’m already thinking about all the things I’d miss.  And planning one last hurrah: a bucket list of glutenous foods that I may shortly have to eliminate from my diet.  Here’s what I’ve got so far…

Betty Crocker brownies

Cracker Barrel biscuits

Sausage Balls (a holiday staple in my house, made with Bisquick, breakfast sausage and cheese)…these could be the same gluten-free.

Yeast rolls

One last wheat crust pizza

Campbell’s Bean with Bacon Soup


Fettucine Alfredo

What am I missing?  What would be on your list?


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  1. I would eat fry bread, and then biscuits, and then fry bread again. I hope you’re ok!

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    Good suggestions, Sarakastic! I’m good…just mourning. 😉

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