Galley up for grabs!!

I have another galley of AUSTENTATIOUS up for grabs today!  To win, you can do either of the following (or both!):

1.  Post my widget in the sidebar of your blog.  Anyone who still has it posted from the last giveaway will get 2 entries.  (Thank you!!)


2.  You can scan the QR code below, which will tweet the following message:  “I’m psyched about AUSTENTATIOUS!  ARC up for grabs…”  and it will link back to this post.


Either way, leave a comment here to make sure you get credit.  I’ll draw a winner on Tuesday, Nov. 8.  And if you tweet it more than once, let me know!

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  1. Hi Alyssa! I still have the widget on my blog from the last giveaway. Thanks for the contest!

  2. I did the QR code thing!

  3. Still have your widget on my blog :)

    PS, I just got the security question wrong… guess I need to go back to first grade- LOL

  4. I still have the widget on my blog! :)

  5. Did the Qr scan.

  6. Sorry, couldn’t do either one…don’t have a blog, don’t have a smartphone.

  7. Your widget is still on my blog. You can check!

  8. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Dude–you’re posted!

  9. I am going to post it on my twitter – don’t have a smart phone so cannot scan the qr code…old fashioned link 😉

  10. I put the widget up on my blog and I sent out a twitter message (I tagged you in it). =)

  11. I still have the widget up from the last contest :)


  12. I don’t have twitter or a blog is there any other way to enter possibly? I’d love to read it! Thanks!


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