An Austin-tatious Ninja

Thanks to all who participated in my little quiz–I thought it was fun and very enlightening.  Only one Peru; only one cream pie, and only one Sherlock Holmes.  Most of you would clearly be content reading Jane Austen with a slice of cake on a terrace in Paris.  Me too!

Today I am going a little crazy.  I am painting my nails a glittery Austin-tatious Turquoise (OPI), which is already totally over-the-top for someone like me.  And not only that, but I am currently wearing a ninja t-shirt (from this etsy vendor) and black cargo shorts.  And I plan to wear this for the rest of the day, right through the PTA meeting, at which I will be chatting up any number of parents about the programs in my son’s school library.  And…AND…I will be donning all six colorful Reading Ninja wristbands to complete this ensemble.

I am very psyched about this Reading Ninjas program.  I’m starting to distribute the wristbands for kids who have reached various point levels for reading books and taking quizzes, and I think the kids and the teachers are a little excited about it too. I mean, who’s not excited about becoming a ninja?  I love my t-shirt and wish we could all have one!  A school full of ninjas with multi-colored wristbands…reading and skulking…silent but smart.  LOVE it!

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  1. I need that shirt. Agreed, it’s the coolest reading program ever, who wouldn’t want to be a ninja?

  2. I agree, Sarakastic, you do need this t-shirt!

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Your ninja shirt is DA BOMB.
    Truly we are soul sisters.

    • Alyssa Goodnight

      I think we are, Green Girl! But I don’t actually have any ninja moves… Maybe I need to work on that!

  4. That’s a very cool shirt. And you’re doing a very cool thing, amiga.

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