Sans rain

Having checked the local radar several times in the last few hours, it seriously feels like my house is the only one for miles that is not getting some rain.  I’m reading Facebook posts and Twitter tweets that the long-awaited and much-needed rain is here.  But I have none.  It’s been scorching here.  Scorching and dry.  I think we’ve had three solid rain storms in FIVE MONTHS!  The trees are looking painfully dry and brittle, the grass is brown, the city pool closed before the summer ended, and we are waiting, hoping, praying.  Some of us are getting some tonight…and some of us are not.  At least not yet.

I opened the backdoor to let the dog out, and I could smell it.  I love the smell of rain…I love those first drops…the dark, heavyness in the air…and the anticipation.  Tonight it’s all gone on a little too long.  I’m waiting for it to break…waiting for the sound of raindrops on the roof…waiting for the  sigh of relief.

This is what I want:  but I might accept this alternative as consolation…[via] & [via]

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  1. this reminds me of lorelai and snow

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