Today had the potential to be particularly lovely.  And while, I suppose, it still could be, it no longer has the potential it once did.  Because you see, this is summer, and I have my kids with me almost 24/7.  But today–all week in fact–they both have camp.  You’re probably wondering what I’m complaining about.  The WHOLE WEEK stretches ahead of me.  Errands without kids, lovely quiet, no insessant, never-ending Pokemon conversations…  But I had a plan.  And that plan has been thwarted.

You may remember that I wanted to see Midnight in Paris.  Really wanted to see it.  Well then I found out it was only playing at an ‘arty’ theater in the middle of Houston.  So I was going to have to wait for the DVD (just because it’s easier that way).  Well I recently found out that it’s now playing at my local theater, and I wondered how I could make that work.


And then, like a ray of light in movies, it hit me:  I’d go while the boys were in camp.  I’d have a lovely, relaxed day out having fish tacos ($1.99, Monday only) and taking in my first-ever movie by myself.  I imagined the perfection over the weekend as I fought some sort of sickness and tried to be patient with Butters as he bark-coughed every twenty seconds.  (Patience tends to dry up a bit after Day 10 and still no doctor visit…he’s going this morning).

And then I checked movie times.  And the first showing was at 12:30!!  Which would have the movie ending AFTER I needed to pick up the boys.  BLAST!  So now I’m in the same boat as before…with fish tacos.  blast.

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  1. Sorry you missed the film. :(

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    This is not the end, Stacy. I will find a way. :)

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