Imaginary Escape

A friend of mine is going on a girls’ trip to Key West this weekend, and that has me yearning for a beachy getaway myself.  Seeing no prospects on my horizon, I decided to put together a little bit of inspiration here on the blog, where I can pull it up whenever I want…

OPI ‘Austintatious’ nailpolish–how can I resist??

Where are you yearning to go?

fruit pops, lanterns, (cannot find the credit for the beach photo)
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  1. Terrific pics, Alyssa. Don’t be jealous but the beach is five minutes away from my house. Water, sand, happy people gets old. :)

    Hey your security math questions are getting harder. 11 + 12 today but lets not get any higher, ok?

    • Alyssa Goodnight

      Oh this is easy week, David. Next week is multiplication, and we’re working up to square roots, trigonometry, and some low-end calculus. :) You’re really gonna have to *want* to comment…

  2. The beach sounds lovely to me too. The only water here is from rain (lots of it!). Plus it’s cold and dark.

    Love your new website. It’s very pretty.

    • Alyssa Goodnight

      Thank you so much, Stacy. After so many years of plain-Jane, I love it!

      We have seriously not had rain here for more than two months! We’re desperate!

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