Push Cakes

This is exactly what I need today…a push-up pop made of cake and frosting and sprinkles.

Instead, I’m eating pretzel crisps and M&M’s.  So not the same.
Posted in food on 02/17/2011 10:59 pm


  1. Yum! I think everyone could use one of those.


  3. David Cranmer

    Man, I like sprinkles. An addiction one might say. Btw the Legend approves of your new pic under basic facts.

  4. They should make all sorts of different food out of cake, like vegetables.

  5. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    A pop up cake! Wonderful!

  6. Teenage Bride

    I want one!!!

  7. That looks amazing! I want one!

  8. thanks for the post! yes that are yummy :) we ship all over the US now btw… 😉

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