Happy Tuesday!

I finally got the birthday cake I’d been craving: yellow (Betty Crocker) cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.  Made it myself, and decided to indulge myself in a little piece for breakfast.  Clearly I’m not a food stylist.

Then I walked the dog in 39 degree weather…with wind.  My face is now chapped, and my fingers are tingling (despite the gloves).  Time for some tea and a little bit of writing.

It’s a good morning (if a bit chilly).

Posted in mornings on 01/11/2011 03:29 pm


  1. Chocolate frosting is the best. Though I'm rather fond of cream cheese frosting as well.

    Keep warm!

  2. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Mmmmm…sounds like a proper start to a day.

  3. Teenage Bride

    I do love hot tea when coming inside from the cold outdoors!

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