Happy Ninja Day!

Today my oldest son is 11 years old.  (Yikes! That means I’ve been a mom for 11 years…)
Even after 11 years,  I still don’t truly understand what’s going on in his head.  Not even close.  Maybe he’s been in training since day one to be a ninja.

Couple of notes:
1.  Silence plays a BIG part in the element of surprise.
2.  Tie-dye shirts aren’t as incognito as you might think.
3.  Awesomeness is clearly key.

Today, we celebrate like ninjas…skadoosh!


Sidenote…I was going for a ninja star, not a collection of mini snowballs.  I’ll work on it.

Posted in Z on 01/19/2011 08:21 pm

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