Gilbert, Ninjas, and Pizza

Today is another round of ninja brownies for younger son’s class birthday treat tomorrow.  I’m getting good…maybe I should look into professional ninja brownie baking…

I plan to relax over lunch, watching the second half of Anne of Green Gables.

I re-watched the first half on Saturday night, when Butters took one for the team and took both boys, each with a friend, out to CiCi’s Pizza for dinner.  I don’t know if you have CiCi’s where you live…it’s like a Gattitown or general family friendly pizza buffet.  It’s my boys’ first choice restaurant pick and let’s just say, it isn’t mine.  The one thing I do like about it is how the young pizza hawkers announce the latest pizzas out of the oven, ready to be put out on the buffet.  For example:

*in singsong*
“It’s hot, it’s kickin’….it’s Buffalo Chicken!!”

There’s a cute little rhyme for most all of them, and it’s almost charming.  Almost.

Anyway…I stayed home eating leftovers and watching Anne of Green Gables.  Megan Follows was such a perfect Anne…and Jonathon Crombie the perfect Gilbert.  I think if I saw him somewhere, I’d immediately blurt, “Gilbert!” without even thinking about it.  I’d forgotten about the sack race…and the first wink.  *Sigh* 

Time for lunch!

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  1. Teenage Bride

    now you have got me thinking about CiCi's … I love that place!

  2. Anne of Green Gables was perfectly cast. Except for Diana. She always seemed a bit off to me. But everyone else – Anne, Gil, Marilla, Matthew, Rachel, Josie – was perfect.

  3. David Cranmer

    "Butters took one for the team." :)

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Best post title EVER!
    I've never been to a restaurant with singing pizza people. Sounds like something that would be fun…about once.
    Congrats on mastering the art of ninja snacks!

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