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As you might notice by the icon slapped onto my sidebar, I delved into the mysteries of Twitter this weekend.  It was tough.  I didn’t want to do it, but I felt a little bit like I needed to, in the name of promotion.  After I came up with a nickname (alyssagoodnight was already taken), I sat there staring at a mostly blank screen, wondering what to do next.  I half-heartedly started searching around for friends, wondering who I should ‘follow,’ but I couldn’t really get into it  Here’s why:

If Facebook is like a cocktail party, where you casually meet everyone and they tell you the most interesting little tidbits about themselves, Twitter is like having RainMan as your escort at the same party.  And you hear about EVERYTHING.  Especially the Cheetos.

Now obviously not everyone is like that, but some, very definitely, are.  So not only can I not decide who to follow, I can’t figure out who would follow me.  I’m lucky if I come up with one interesting thing to say a day (which I then extrapolate into a blog post here).  So, how can I keep the interest of someone who wants a constant influx of ‘material’?  In the words of George Constanza, “I gotta be on all the time!”  It boggles my mind.  I currently have three followers, and I think they might be pity-followers.

Does this say pitiful…
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In other news, Butters agreed to snap some shots of me this weekend with the new camera, but between the wind blowing my hair around, the sun bringing out my squint, and the chilly temperatures making me hunch and shiver, I’ll be lucky to get one good one out of the hundred or so we took.  The best part?  Watching Butters contort himself to ‘get the shot’ from the best possible angle.  Let’s just say I had no problem smiling.

The pictures are currently in photoediting…

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  1. Twitter scares me too both reading it and looking at it. I always want the "rest of the story"

  2. Brave woman. Twitter confuses me.

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I never twitted. Good luck to you.

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