A Really Good Try

I received this letter from my younger son last week. 

I told him it was a truly excellent letter.  He didn’t believe me, because it was unsuccessful in persuading me to buy a hamster.  It could have been the best letter in the world and included chocolates, and it still wouldn’t have persuaded me…  I’m not a hamster girl.

Posted in letters, pets on 01/28/2011 08:45 pm


  1. David Cranmer

    Big chuckles with the first line and everyone after.

    Hey, I'm for him having a dwarf hamster.

  2. Hamsters are actually pretty sweet as pets. A little smelly, I admit, but cute.

    Your dog might be overexcited though.

  3. I enjoyed reading that very much! What a great letter… and still I completely understand your refusal :)

  4. I'm going to cave here and say plllllleeeeaaase let him get the hamster

  5. That is SO cute!!! I'm not sure which part I liked better – "don't fret" or "keep this in your mind". Is someone working on persuasive essays in school? 😉

  6. This was adorable!!! I love finding such special moments like this!!! haha i love that he was upset for still not getting the hamster. He wasn't fooled by you just like you weren't fooled by him.

    Too cute!

  7. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    That? Was beyond adorable.

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