The Dreaded White Elephant Gift Exchange

I just hate that when you open a gift you have to examine it knowing you may not end up with it.  You can’t afford to get too attached.  Although…sometimes that’s a good thing.
I ended up with these socks, among a few other things.  Not sure I’ll ever wear them out, but they’re warm.  And festive.  And fur-lined.  I’m like Santa’s crazy-sock helper.

Posted in photo advent calendar on 12/11/2010 04:47 pm


  1. I got a massage on Monday and my massage therapist had on those exact socks. True story!

  2. Cute socks!

  3. David Cranmer

    Legend wears a pair like that year round.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    But between your toes? I think I'd HATE that.

  5. So cute! Those would be perfect for around the house :)

  6. Alyssa Goodnight

    And she wore them to work, Lucy??? Crazy.

    Thanks, Al! 😉

    Bet they look great in the Jeep, Legend.

    The toe thing did bother me, Green Girl. I'll have to get used to that. Or else cut off the toes like they do for mittens. :)

    They're definitely warm, Meredith!

  7. I love them and they look so cute on you! I love that you dread the white elephant! You are so funny!

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