* Oooh Sparkly *

I’m horrible at making flower arrangements, including fake ones, so I waffled over this one for quite some time, not knowing what sort of stems to add, where to put what…
I just knew I wanted to use the little lighted branch in a Christmas arrangement.
So Friday night, I hunkered down and just started stabbing, bending, shaping and twisting.  I think it came out okay.  The lights are very forgiving.  It’s definitely festive.  And sparkly.  Success!
Posted in photo advent calendar on 12/12/2010 08:51 pm


  1. Pretty!

  2. ohhh pretty!

  3. How fun!

  4. Teenage Bride

    aww i love it!

  5. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I see those around and think they look SO cool.

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