New [Bookish] Territory

If I decided to host an Anne of Green Gables read-a-thon/watch-a-thon/chat-a-thon on the blog in January, who among you would participate?  Speak up, because if it’s only me, I can keep my discussion questions to myself.

Posted in anne of green gables on 12/02/2010 12:10 am


  1. David Cranmer

    Alyssa, I would enjoy this but I'm never sure where I'll be that far ahead. So, I'll say I'm interested.

  2. Um, YES! Love Anne and everything to do with her :) What a fun idea!

  3. if the watchathon involves the 3rd and fourth movies I'm out 😛

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Will there be raspberry cordial?

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    Excellent, David & Meredith!

    Oh, I'd be out with the 3rd and 4th movies in the mix too, Sarakastic.

    I'll see what I can do, Green Girl!

  6. Raspberry cordial or "raspberry cordial?" Personally, I prefer the latter.

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    I'm missing something here, Stacy. I just don't know what it is…

  8. Alyssa if you remind me in person I will join in on the fun!

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