A Little Jolly

I know I’m a little late in starting out, but I’m going to try, for the days remaining on the Advent Calendar, to post a holiday/festive picture everyday. Here is today’s… It sums up the extent of my Christmas decorating so far: Christmas pillow out on the couch? Check!  Stressed out demeanor set off with a jaunty jingle bell?  Check!  Now where’s  my jaunty jingle bell??
Posted in photo advent calendar on 12/03/2010 11:24 pm


  1. David Cranmer

    Christmas pillow out on the couch! You're good! I'll be doing that on the 24th.

  2. So cute! I need to start decorating soon. Like, tomorrow :)

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I'm a big fan of jaunty decorating. I bet I'd love your house.

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    Ha! Legend, you sound just like my husband!

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