A Capitol Christmas Tree

Butters and I went to Austin this past weekend, without the boys.  I did a little research for “Contract Book 2″…it is really amazing how much the city has changed since I lived there 10 years ago.  Mind-boggling, really.  We spent a lot of time driving around, scoping things out, getting the up-to-date lay of the land.  We also dined in some delicious spots.  Saturday night we attended Butters’ company Christmas party, where the highlights were a bruschetta bar, a dessert contest, and the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  I’d never heard of a bruschetta bar before, and it was vastly more interesting than I thought it’d be…it wasn’t just bread and toppings–there were other topping-carriers as well!  I personally did not participate in the WEGE, so it was all very low stress and quite funny.  It was a nice, relaxing weekend, and now we’re back, ready for the final push of class parties, festivities, gifts, and outings right up until Christmas.  Looking forward to it!

Here’s a shot of the Texas Capitol Building with this season’s holiday decor.

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  1. David Cranmer

    Good for you two being able to enjoy some away time.

  2. Aw, I love Austin! That pic is great :)

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I've never been to Texas–you make it sound pretty great, though.

  4. Teenage Bride

    I hope you had a lovely time together!!

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