Slightly envious

On beautiful autumn days like today, I almost wish I could trade places with my dog.  She hangs out outside for hours, perched on the barbeque grill, scoping out squirrel antics and neighborhood noises.
I’d want a book.
Posted in fall on 11/17/2010 06:11 pm


  1. Teenage Bride

    wouldn't that be nice

  2. David Cranmer

    Yep, a good life for sure.

  3. Mo Pie, Please

    How cute! Animals do have it made most days. Luckily, I've been fortunate enough to snuggle with my kitty throughout the days. He loves it and so do I. He just climbs right on up and settles down on my legs. It's the good life!

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    That is the life.

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