Outing the personality flaws

Today I volunteered to meet my friend’s dad at a half-way point to drop something off with him.  She suggested that since he already had to stop at a medical complex, he and I could meet in the parking lot of a strip center (unenclosed shopping mall to non-Texans) at the main entrance to the complex.  Well there are several strip centers in the area she was referring to, so to clarify, I said, “You mean the one where you have to go around that big tree?”

She laughed, exclaiming that it was, and that she’d just mentioned ‘going around the big tree’ to her mother.  Her mother’s response to this?  “Your dad doesn’t do so good going around trees.”  ????

What??  What could she possibly mean by that?  That he loses interest before getting all the way around?  That he consciously rams them instead?  I’d like to know what her dad would have to say about this rumor she’s busily spreading.  Would he agree or deny there was any truth to it?  (No, I didn’t work up the nerve to ask him.  Generally my policy is that if you have no response for a worst-case scenario answer, don’t ask the question.  It’s served me pretty well.)

This situation got me thinking back to a time in high school where I was out at night, probably around 10ish with a group, but moving from place to place with one other girl and a guy.  Well we got a flat tire (it was the guy’s car) in a sort of seedy area of town, and pulled into a service station.  The dude working was not at all thrilled with us or our flat tire, and he asked why my friend (the guy) couldn’t just change the flat.  I promptly remarked, “Mike’s not really that kind of guy.”  At the time, it didn’t strike me that this might possibly be offensive to the dude working at the service station.  I was just trying to answer the man’s question.  I absolutely couldn’t see Mike dealing with this.  Turns out, Mike was a little peeved by my piped up reply, but when I pressed him, he had to admit that no, he wasn’t that sort of guy.

Makes me wonder what girlfriends and wives are saying about their guys…and whether the guys would corroborate or not…

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  1. Fiction Chick

    OMG. I did this to my husband over the weekend. His colleague was joking about the elastic waist of TH's pants (because of its ability to hide things TH might want to steal) and I immediately made a fat joke. Oops. Sorry, TH. Misunderstood.

    As for your friend's dad… Let me put it this way, as he drives up, I would make sure I was well out of range. YouknowwhatImean???

  2. Travis Erwin

    I hate to think what my wife says about me. or what kind of guy I am.

  3. Haha, wow. What a funny post. I guess if it was a really, really, really big tree, I might not do too well with it either?

  4. Dancing Branflake

    Oh, I do this all the time to my guy. He's so humble about it. Also, I am definitely not the type of girl to change a tire or go camping and he always points that out.

  5. Caryn Caldwell

    LOL! It's always easier when you're the one saying what type of person you are, instead of someone else announcing it, isn't it?

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