Feeling lazy & fighting it

Next year around this time I’ll either be really panicked or extremely relieved.  Because at this time next year, my next book is due to my editor.  That’s right…I committed to one book in one year, despite my previous best time of one book, give or take four years.  And because I am a little nervy about this, my agent and I decided to parcel out the committment.  The first 100 pages are due by December 1st. 

Oddly enough, I am sitting pretty because I already have them done!  (How’d I do it, you ask?  A little thing called pre-planning that I’ve not done before in my writing…that’s how!)  And I think there’s a good chance that I’ll keep a lot of them!  I’ve even gotten the go-ahead from my agent to go forward…hooray!  My next 100 aren’t due until March 1st, so honestly, I feel like lounging about in a chair like this, my glossy TBR stacks circling around me, whiling away the afternoon with a book.

By I’m not going to do that.  I can’t get complacent.  These coming months are the busiest of the year for me, so I need to keep brainstorming, plotting, writing, and editing.  I can do this…without stressing myself into a puddle.  And I will reward myself with reading time in a comfy, cozy chair.

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  1. I can't imagine sending 100 pages at a time. I think it would drive me around the bend. Still I suppose a regular target will help with staying focussed.

  2. Teenage Bride

    Yay I am so proud of you!!

  3. Travis Erwin

    You can do it! I have faith.

  4. well done!

  5. super congratulations! Also, I love how the piles of book look in that picture, mine always just look disorganized like i'm the worst bookshelf stocker at Barnes and Noble (side note: that was my dream job when I was 19. I somehow never made the cut. I realized that books are heavy and have moved on)

  6. Alyssa Goodnight

    Thanks, all, for the congrats!

    I'm not sure how long I could have handled that either, Sarakastic. Reshelving books at the library as a volunteer definitely takes its toll…

  7. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Yay for you! Here's to the pages just churning out of your imagination!

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