Autumn Daydreams

Last year about this time, Butters and I flew to Portland, just the two of us, to celebrate our ten-year anniversary (only five years late).  And as I’m enjoying the lovely fall weather we are having here in Southeast Texas, I’m dreaming of the perfect fall day.

Inspired by this post, I’ve decided to post my own wishes.

I’d love to be strolling through here…

seeing sights like these…

wearing this…

and these…

 and snacking on a little of this…


Posted in fall on 10/08/2010 04:13 pm


  1. Teenage Bride

    Now that is my idea of perfect!

  2. Fun post.

    And I agree with you on all of it except the Starbucks beverage. :)

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    Stacy, Starbucks is only an occasional splurge for me…this was a picture of a gingerbread chai tea latte. Mmmm. :)

  4. David Cranmer

    Ah, I dig the boots. Yep, I'm a boots kind of guy. I buy the wife truckloads.

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    I definitely need some boots. Every year I wish I had another pair, and every year I say, 'maybe next year…' Maybe this year I'll convince myself.

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Oh those bootS!

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