The Loooove Boat…Sing it with me!

I need some fashion advice.  I’ve been invited to one of those murder mystery parties, and this one has a Love Boat theme.  When I got the invitation, I was thrilled…I looooved The Love Boat.  I had to beg my dad to watch it, seeing as he viewed it as a ‘ridiculous program’ and a ‘waste of time.’  Just to give you an idea, virtually every program my brother and sister and I might have had even a vague interest in watching was judged in precisely the same way.  My dad was a Nova pusher, with a little Carl Sagan mixed in.

Anyway, with the party having a Love Boat theme (cue music…The Looooove Boat…set a course for adventure, your mind on a new ro-mance....), I need to dress in some sort of 70’s costume.  The difficulty, other than I don’t currently own any 70’s style clothes that I’m aware of, is that my role in the mystery is rather conservative.  Consequently, I don’t think I should be coming in wearing bell-bottoms, a flowy, flowery blouse, and psychedelic sunglasses.  Nor do I want to.  And no mini-dresses with big white collars and only two inches of coverage

So none of this…

but maybe something like this…although I don’t have any of those boots…

Maybe I can do my makeup like this…

Thoughts?  Suggestions?
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  1. David Cranmer

    If "two inches of coverage" is out, I'm not sure I can help. Hm.. how about dressing like Rhoda? Laverne? My favorite was Mary Tyler Moore.

  2. Alyssa Goodnight

    Maybe I need to start looking for one of those floppy berets. It's possible they're in style again, and I have a vague memory of both Rhoda and MTM wearing one. I think Laverne was sixties, wasn't she?

    Good job, Legend.

  3. can't you get some copies of the Love Boat and pick something from one of them?
    I would guess that make up would suit your face.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    You must rock the boots with shorts and a vest. Definitely a vest.

  5. Teenage Bride

    oooh Twiggy!!!

    How fun, I am a little jealous lol

  6. Alyssa Goodnight

    Good idea, Al. I'll see what I can come up with.

    Green Girl! I cannot be conservative wearing short shorts and boots. But I will look for a vest. :)

  7. We had one of these mystery game places put on an event at work and they provided the costumes. That's not the case with your game? And why would bell bottoms not be considered conservative? Maybe not the flower power outfit but a darker color (brown comes to mind for some reason) bell bottoms, jacket and vest.

    Oh, but my real suggestion is that you post pictures afterwards. 😉

    Whatever you decide, have a great time!

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    Bell-bottoms are fine…I just meant the whole hippy package. I'll probably end up wearing some pseudo-bell-bottoms.

    I'll see what I can do on the photos.

  9. Mo Pie, Please

    Wait, you live in Austin right? Aren't there like 800 awesome vintage stores down there?! Yes, yes there are. Anywho, a vest is a good conservative start. I think bell bottoms are the only other option, right? Perhaps some high waisted pants similar to bell bottoms would work too. Polyester ones. :) Have fun, I want to go to a murder mystery party!

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