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So I’m watching Dancing with the Stars last night, my jaw sore from getting a temporary crown put in, and I’m struck by a question I simply can’t answer alone… (that’s where you come in)

At what moment in a person’s life is it acceptable to switch from being identified with a proper name or adorable nickname to being identified with an arbitrary noun?


One of the ‘Celebrities’ on the show is a member of the show Jersey Shore, and he likes to be called, “The Situation.”

The Situation?  Gimme a break!  For him to suggest that people refer to him in such a ridiculous way is absurd.  I cracked up laughing last week when the head judge started speaking to him with the words, “Here’s the situation, Situation.”  It’s inagurably laughable (so don’t try to argue with me about it).

What if we all did that?  Can I ask my friends to start calling me, The Sleeper Hit, The Prologue, The Opinion, The Extra Ketchup?  The Whirlwind Tour?  I don’t think the world can handle such a situation.  Pun intended.

Feel free to comment with the random noun and adjective you’d choose, should this be the wave of the future.  I think I’d go with Sleeper Hit.

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  1. Mine would be The Hostile Takeover, The Coupe d'etat, wait, those are my wrestler names.

  2. David Cranmer

    Nothing silly about it at all. I am known as The Legend.

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    I could see that, David, but people don't refer to you that way face to face, do they?

    Oops! Rewind…
    I could see that, Legend,…

    Now admit it: that's just silly.

    Sarakastic, you are the only person that I think could pull this off.

  4. Teenage Bride

    oh oh oh Can I be The Princess

    If my husbnd got to name me it would probably be The Pain in the A$$ hahaha just kidding.

  5. David Cranmer

    I would like that. :)

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I like The Sleeper Hit.
    I'd just like to be known around here as "the Boss."

  7. I can handle The Edge of U2 being called The Edge. He's unarguably cool. :) And I can't imagine calling him Steve or Dave or whatever his real name is. But … The Situation? CHEESE.

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    Very well, Legend. Consider it done.

    I like The Sleeper Hit too, Green Girl, but The Boss is always good.

    I agree, Allie, The Edge is an exception to the rule.

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