What sort of hugger are you??

This weekend was jam-packed with out-of-the-ordinary situations. For one thing it was the weekend of my high school class’ 20th reunion. I can hardly believe it myself! I did not go to the reunion (and have already been labeled a party pooper, so no need to continue in that vein), but I did manage to get together with my two best friends from high school the morning after the reunion. Honestly I think it was the perfect setup: I got to hear all about the reunion without having to subject myself to the small talk, the chit-chat, the meander down Memory Lane…and the hugging.

If you’ve been a follower of this blog for a little while, you know I’m not really a hugger. In case you don’t click over, let me just clarify, I’m not against hugging, I’m just not an initiator. And besides that, (probably because hugging does not come naturally to me) I think I over-analyze each and every hug.

So, I ask you, are you…

a. a ‘one arm, cheek press’ hugger

b. a ‘let’s get this over with’ hugger

c. a ‘give it everything you’ve got’ hugger

d. an ‘I can make this awkward without even trying’ hugger

Please tell me! I personally am a ‘if we must, we must’ hugger. :)

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  1. Teenage Bride

    I am so a give it all you got hugger. Love them!!!

  2. David Cranmer

    I wrap my right leg around and go in for a deep hug with lots of kissing!

    No. Not really. And am not an initiator but am not against it either. (Plus I've never been to a reunion.)

  3. I like hugs but they're kind of awkward for me. I usually follow the other person's lead as far as what kind of hug given/received. My personal favorite is a good tight hug though.

  4. Alyssa Goodnight

    I seriously could not stop laughing after I read your comment, David.

  5. Sarah Laurence

    Lucky – I think seeing your best friends and getting the gossip would be far less trouble. Unfortunately for me, one of my close friends was organizing our 25th (her son now goes to our school) so I had to go. It ended up being interesting and good for my writing.

    As for hugging, I'm enthusiastic only for those I love. I otherwise prefer a bit of body distance, but I'll go with the flow. I laughed over David's response too. Ha!

  6. C? Maybe?

    I'm a hugger with people I know well. When people I don't know well are huggers, well, that's awkward.

  7. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Not much of a hugger–just my kids. D. Definitely.

  8. Alyssa! I think you know I am a give it all you got hugger! I am so sorry…I am not sure how many times I have hugged you, but I hope I never made you feel awkward! But get ready because now every time I want to hug you I will try to make sure you are "ok" with it! 😉

  9. Travis Erwin


  10. Alyssa Goodnight

    Kelly, you are definitely not a 'giver of awkward hugs'. I'm more talking about the hugs where I get stuck in someone's armpit or don't know what to do with my arms because I get trapped in a weird position. Hug away! :)

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