Book Hoarder and Unashamed

I was cleaning out my son’s closet and stumbled over these…

You might wonder what they were doing in the closet and not in a bookshelf, so I will tell you. It wasn’t too long ago that they came into our possession, and I admit, I just dumped them in the closet to go through at a later time…and then promptly forgot about them.

They belonged to my husband and his sister, but I didn’t realize they were quite so old. A lot of them are from the 50’s and 60’s. There are Little Golden Books and Jumbo Golden Books (probably not the correct terminology). And while I don’t have any kids left who are reading this level (except the Nancy Drew and Beezus and Ramona, which would no doubt be pegged as ‘girl books’), I feel that I have to keep them. Their illustrations and their timelessness simply charm me.

What can I say, I’m ga-ga for books!

Posted in vintage books on 07/22/2010 09:35 pm


  1. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I cannot toss books like those! I still have my Folgers editions of Little Women and Black Beauty!

  2. Teenage Bride

    I can never get rid of a bok that I have read. That's why I can't utilize the library haha.

    I love Golden Books!

  3. Alyssa Goodnight

    Jill, you're killing me! No library?? I don't know how I'd go on…

  4. Mmm, I love those books – I think I had the same copy of Disney's Mary Poppins well before I ever saw the film.
    Currently, I'm getting back into the Rupert Bear annuals from the 1960s! I bought a limited edition reproduction which I really can't afford but just had to have the other day :) no regrets yet!

  5. David Cranmer

    I always enjoyed Little Golden Books. Had a ton of them. Glad to see they are still in most supermarkets.

  6. Alyssa Goodnight

    I love that they're still around too, David! I have a new niece arriving soon, and I plan to help start her collection.

    Allie, I've never heard of Rupert Bear–I'll have to look him up! The Mary Poppins is lovely!

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