Listos? Vamos a empezar! *

My boys started learning Spanish today via Rosetta Stone, and it’s a whole new world as far as my oldest is concerned. He’s randomly spouting off with mini Spanish sentences depending upon what is going on at any given moment.

He told his Hispanic dentist and the hygenist today that he’d started learning Spanish, and they told him that when he came back in six months they expected him to be able to speak fluently. He said, “But will you understand me?” They will. Then on the way out, the Hispanic receptionist told him she would be quizzing him when he came back for a visit. I said, “Go ahead and try it now,” knowing he’d love it. She rattled something off that I couldn’t catch with three high-school years of Spanish under my belt, I think maybe, “Do you understand this?” or something. His response?

Mujer! (Translation: Woman!)

I think I might need to follow the course along with him, because he’s just the type to start saying things in Spanish, thinking I won’t understand. And as a mom, I live for those ‘Gotcha!’ moments.

* From every classroom Spanish tape I ever had to listen to: ‘Listos? Vamos a empezar!’ translates to ‘Ready? We are going to begin!’ And yes, I know I’m missing that upside down question mark before ‘Listos’.

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  1. David Cranmer

    I love the language and have had the pleasure of living in several Spanish speaking countries.

    And it's funny how all the colorful phrases are easiest to learn first.

  2. How cute!

  3. The upside down question mark is one of the only things I remember from 4 years of high school and 2 years of college level classes.

  4. Teenage Bride

    That is so great! I want to get Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish for my job, but do not want to make such a big investment if it does not work. I am excited to hear how it works out!!!

  5. Travis Erwin


  6. How very fun!

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