A Little Break

Tomorrow is BIG NEWS around here…at least for me. Both of my boys are spending the whole week at day camp. They’ve done single-day camps and VBS before, but this camp will run from 8:15-2:15–almost equivalent to an entire school day–and entire school WEEK! After an intense three weeks of summer, I’m more than ready for a little break.

I’ll have just enough time to run some errands by myself (grocery shopping has never looked so good!) and maybe squeeze in a little time to write a bit before my niece arrives for a visit on Tuesday evening. After that, it’ll be all about the shopping (her preference).

Except that Tuesday night at midnight I’m joining a group of friends for the midnight showing of Eclipse. I think the idea of this appealed to me more than the reality will. I was told we’d need to get there at 7ish to get good seats. And as my eyes were bugging out in response to that comment, someone else said it would be more like 5ish. NO WAY am I sitting in a theater for 5-7 hours before a movie even starts. That’s just crazy. So we’ll see how it goes.

Should be an interesting–and hopefully relaxing–week.

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  1. Enjoy your mini stay-cation :)

  2. David Cranmer

    Have a great time!

  3. Can't you buy your tickets and then go off and do other things the rest of the evening? It's not like you're waiting to meet Stephenie Meyer herself.

    Let us know us know if you like the film!

  4. Teenage Bride

    hahaha I feel your pain, I won't wait that long for anyone. Have fun!!

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    What I've been told is that you have to get there that early to get a good seat. But other than the front row seats, I'm pretty flexible. Don't know what this group is talking about yet. I need to find out.

    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

  6. Hope you have fun!

  7. My word verification is 'doestent' you know, does tent – I'm not even kidding. So maybe that's what you need to do for the movie. :o)

    Can they maybe save you a seat or is that not allowed? I'm with you, I wouldn't want to have to wait that long to watch a movie. In any event, enjoy your break and the movie.

  8. Keri Mikulski

    Enjoy! :)

  9. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    How lovely for you to have "free time!" From grocery shopping to the movie, I hope it's fun!

  10. Silver Strands

    Ah Alyssa! enjoy!

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