Lucky Duck!

I was recently reminiscing with my sister over our favorite toys from childhood. At the top of her list: the Adventure People (I’m not even sure they were called that) and a Fisher Price ice cream truck. On the top of mine were a Fisher Price record player and a Weebles Treehouse–not those new weird-looking weebles–the old cuties.

My sister assured me that we were probably remembering them better than they were, but I assured her that I had played with the record player recently at a friend’s house. Her mom had saved a selection of childhood toys for her eventual grandchildren, so I was in hog heaven when I went over there with my boys and she had the record player, the same blocks we had as kids, and the Sesame Street main street, plus characters! I could have stayed all afternoon. (Think of that Seinfeld episode where George and Jerry drug that woman with turkey and wine so they can play with her toys).

So I just glanced on ebay last night, and both the record player and Weeble treehouse are available! I don’t, however, think I can justify the purchase. Probably I wouldn’t get as much playtime out of them as I’d need to. In searching for pictures, I also came across this kid’s room, which I heart big time!

The chalkboard paint…the tentacles!…the little sleeping nooks with the split monster poster (would you rather have the head or the feet?)…the cool painted checkerboard accent on the wall…the bookshelves…and the vintage toys!!!!

That little boy has the record player! Lucky duck.

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  1. I always wanted one of these record players when I was a kid I guess I know what I'm asking for when Christmas rolls around.

  2. Vintage toys are always cuter.

  3. I still have my collection of paper dolls. Do you want to come to my house and play with me? 😉

  4. Ahh the memories. My favourite was probably GI Joe. We had such adventures: white water rafting; parachuting; hacking our way through jungles.

  5. scribblingmum

    We had the record player and my friends mum kept all of their fisher price stuff and her kids now play with it all. They are undoubtedly the favourites and there's something really nice about seeing them play with 'proper' toys!

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I had that record player too! Man, they made things to last back then, didn't they? And that old "Little People" barn and house. What fun.

  7. how fun! vintage toys are adorable. one of my great aunts has a barbie doll collection going back to the first barbies ever made by mattel. i LOVE going through them, it's amazing to see how barbie has evolved.

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