I’m a hero!

LOTS going on–all the end-of-school good stuff: Field Days, Talent Shows, Ice Cream Socials, Parties, and last-minute hurrahs. We’ve been busy and will be busy right up until the very end, the last day of school, June 3rd. YIKES! That’s next week!

Serenity now…

Yesterday I was working in the school library, waiting for the cash drawer and scanner to be delivered so we could open the last Scholastic book fair of the year, killing time labeling books. The PTA Liasion to the school library sat down next to me about thirty minutes into my labeling. Basically we have to search a database for each book the library has and label it with all pertinent information. I told her that I’d found that searching by ISBN numbers typically worked best.

After about ten minutes of labeling she looked over at me and saw I was using the number keypad to enter ISBN’s, and she commented that she wished the keypad on her computer worked–that would make things much easier. She then commented that the keypad didn’t work on her home computer either and she didn’t know why they bothered to add that feature when it didn’t work. I leaned over, pressed her ‘Num Lock’ key and said, “Try it now.” She was downright thrilled. Made me feel a little like a superhero.

And then I watched this and considered getting up on the bathroom counter….

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  1. You are indeed a hero!
    I’m impressed with your computer savvy – what I don’t know about my own computer would fill half the hard-drive.
    Loved that video – had seen it before. Wish looking in the mirror inspired me like that!

  2. Stephanie J

    I'm so happy you help with the Scholastic book fairs! Those were my favorite part of elementary school. :)

  3. I didnt know this trick either but from now on whenever I visit someone's house I'm going to their computer and locking their keyboard. Knowledge is dangerous in my hands.

  4. David Cranmer

    Very cute video. I'm going to try and jump up on the counter and do that myself.

  5. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Way to go! Saving the day and making life easier for people everywhere…you are GREAT!

  6. Alyssa Goodnight

    I try to never miss it, Stephanie. I love working it (and browsing through all the books!)

    Sarakastic, I only hope you don't ever fall into the wrong hands.

    Don't forget to video it, David!

    Thanks, Beth and Green Girl! I'm puffed up with pride! :)

  7. Heroism is often reached by a series of tiny steps. I hope you've got your suit all picked out.

  8. Alyssa Goodnight

    Not quite, but I've got a little plaque on my desk that says, "I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world." :)

  9. Oh that is worrying…there are those that know about computers and those that don't. Glad you're in the cool club :)

  10. Alyson (New England Living)

    I love when I get to feel smart and awesome like that for a moment! :)

    I'm jealous that you guys are ending school so soon. We don't end until June 21st. That's New England for you!

  11. Ha! I love it. I can't tell you how many times I've thought my computer was broken and then my little brother's fixed it by pushing a button.

    i LOVED book fairs when i was in school, lucky you to still get to play a part in them!

  12. Silver Strands

    Teehee, I bet she felt so silly! Good thing you were there to save the day!

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