Twenty Years Ago Today

Butters (that’s the husband) got home late tonight–almost 8:00–and I was getting the kids ready for bed. He stopped me in the hall and demanded to be kissed. I gave him a peck and shrank away–he smelled. Sweat, I think. He immediately insisted he required a ‘real’ kiss. So I held my breath and gave him one, thinking nothing of it other than the fact that he was really going to need a shower before going to bed.

Ten minutes later I heard him asking my son if he knew what happened twenty years ago today. He didn’t (for reasons that will shortly become clear). So Butters asked me if I remembered. I considered a moment and said, “Our first date?” He said, “No, that was twenty years ago yesterday.” This immediately baffled me and made me wonder if perhaps I had garbled memories of our first date. (Yikes!)

Five minutes later, I guessed again, “Our first kiss?” And that was the answer. Apparently, Butters didn’t get around to kissing me until after midnight. I’m glad one of us remembers all these little sentimental details.

Posted in memories on 04/30/2010 03:24 am


  1. liz fenwick

    That is truly impressive!


  2. Now you can NEVER hassle him if he forgets an anniversary!

  3. Aww, now that is love…I'll kiss you even when you stink :)

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Wow. What a romantic man!

  5. Caryn Caldwell

    LOL! Good memory on his part.

  6. Angie and Brian

    No more complaining about Butters! Never-ever! That was incredibly sweet and romantic.

  7. I mean really really sweet!

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