Best Birthday Gift Ever…I assume.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen my husband looking utterly dazed and overwhelmed. Until Sunday night. When I told him what I wanted for my 40th birthday.

Possibly I overstepped. This gift is a whopper. It’s not expensive in a monetary sense, but it’s definitely pricey in far as time spent in the planning and execution.

It requires the perfect song, some simple choreography that makes a big impact, and the participation and cooperation of quite a number of people. And if he could get a fountain, that’d be awesome.

I want a musical number.

Recently inspired by this one,

I’m even willing to take a simplified version, like this one

I figure this is my best shot. If anyone can give me this, it’s my husband. He has approximately a year and half to strategize. If you have any tips, I’m sure he’d appreciate them. Because he’s totally taking me seriously. At least right now.

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  1. Travis Erwin

    You must promise to post the video.

  2. I can't wait to see this…and I love that you think the Hitch scene is less complicated :)

  3. Oh, goodness. What is he requesting for his 40th?

  4. No tips (sorry) but I am volunteering to be one of the dancers!
    I love those dance routines!

  5. That is the best birthday present and even best birthday present idea ever…good luck finding a cartoon bird.

  6. David Cranmer

    Yeah, I'm with Travis, we must see this video.

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    Naturallly I will post pictures–how could I not??

    Elizabeth, I thought it would be less complicated because there's no big dance number to choreograph–it's just one big free-for-all!

    Stacy, I'm not at liberty to discuss that. :)

    Beth, I'll put you on the list. 😉

    Sarakastic, I gotta admit, I can do without the cartoon bird.

  8. Keri Mikulski

    Sounds fun!! :)

  9. If he manages to get everyone to dress up like Star Wars stormtroopers, then millions of nerds like me will be able to die happily secure in the knowledge that nothing will ever be quite as awesome.

  10. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I adore it. That would be the best birthday gift ever. EVER. The first video made me think of the Barney Stinson one about why he loves to wear suits.
    A high school pom & dance team might be an invaluable resource for your husband.

  11. Alyssa Goodnight

    Good suggestion, Green Girl. Thanks!

    Stormtroopers would be awesome, kyknoord, but their movement might be somewhat limited.

  12. hahhaa LOVE this! you are hilarious. can't wait to see how he carries it out!

  13. scribblingmum

    I'm totally with you ! I often fantasise about everyone just suddenly kicking off a dance routine in the street. We are toying with the idea of doing a routine for my friend's up and coming wedding, my 14 year old niece has offered to do the moves so I'm tempted…

  14. Kate Diamond

    Wow! I hope you get what you want, and that you post a video.

    My favorite recent dance scene was in "Enchanted," all through Central Park. Did you see that? Adorable!

  15. You Are My Fave

    My husband would never go for this. He would offer a party so I would forget about my request. Good luck.

  16. Angie and Brian

    I would say that this is a fabulous idea, but I fear I'd get dragged in too deep for my comfort…


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