A lovely spring day…for a movie.

I’m having the sort of day that makes me want to curl up by myself–maybe with an ice cold can of Dr. Pepper–and watch a romantic comedy. Preferably one with lots of outdoor shots. Because it’s spring, and it’s lovely outside, but there’s also pollen and the sounds of lawn equipment. And plus I don’t have a outdoor TV, so…I thought maybe I could just watch someone else having picnics and skipping through fountains and getting tangled up in dog leashes. (I have no particular movie in mind here.) I’ve been waiting to see 500 Days of Summer for a while now… This could be my day. I also have She & Him Volume 2 on order from Amazon. If it comes today, it’ll be almost like Zooey Deschanel and I are hangin’ out. I wonder if she likes Dr. Pepper…

Posted in rom-com, spring on 04/09/2010 07:20 pm


  1. David Cranmer

    Dr. Pepper is hands down my favorite soda. Not so much into the romantic comedies but no ones perfect, right?

  2. 500 Days of Summer is amazing. You and Zooey must hang out, whether or not she likes Dr. Pepper.

  3. 毓燕毓燕

    新的一天 祝你有所成長~~ ....................................................

  4. I've always wanted to be Zooey's friend I even started wearing more cotton when she was the spokesman on a cotton commercial.

  5. i love zooey deschanel as well, she has great style. and an ice cold dr. pepper sounds heavenly right now :)

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I haven't seen that yet–I hear it's so good. Zooey is good–underrated actress!

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