Staring Down the Blank Page

Sad to say but I have not improved on my novel completion rate. From start to finish, my first book took four and a half years from first words to self-publishing. My second novel took five years from brainstorming to agent-approval, keeping in mind that some of that time was taken up with first book marketing, sales, and distribution.

I’m truly hoping to improve on my record with my third book. And I’m excited to tell you that I’ve moved on from brainstorming and actually started writing!! I don’t have the story all planned out–not even close–but I find that getting to know the characters helps me to work out what should happen to them. I’m a big editor–and re-writer–but even writing a scene three or four times gets me thinking better than sitting for an hour trying to brainstorm.

Anyway, I’m excited to be working on something different for a change, and really trying to use this project to be patient, because my agent said that the average response time for editors on a new submision is eight weeks. EIGHT WEEKS!! That said, I’m pretty sure the eight weeks hasn’t even started yet. I was told I’d get an email when the manuscript went out to the first round of editors. And no email yet.

So…I am trying not to think about Book 2, trying to focus on Book 3 and hammer out a version before too many years go by…

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  1. David Cranmer

    It seems like you have a method that works for you and that you're on the right track. I, sadly, have no method. Just wake up, place fingers on keyboard and hope for the best. Most of the time it seems to work.

  2. You're still ahead of me. I've been working on the same novel since 2003 . . .

    Do I get credit for writing other stuff (short stories mainly) during that time?

    Anyhow, best of luck with Book 3. You will defeat the Blank Page. :)

  3. way to go! i'm excited to hear about the progress of this novel. i'm in a few creative writing classes and find that i get affected by writer's block about half of the time – what do you do to combat that?

  4. Kate Diamond

    I must echo what Stacy said. You're way ahead of me. However, I wish you luck in your quest to pick up the pace!

  5. You Are My Fave

    The fact that you've written even one novel is amazing to me. I feel like I "know" someone famous.

  6. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    The speed of publishing is sooooo slow…it's a game only for the strong-hearted. Good for you to keep writing!

  7. I think you're absolutely right to be working on book #3 while #2 makes the rounds. xo

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