Is Mary Tyler Moore too outdated? Does Generation X?…Y?…whatever letter signifies the average 20-something know about Mary Tyler Moore and the show-opening spin, the “You’re gonna make it after all”, and “You can turn the world on with your smile”?

Just checking.

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  1. Maybe?

    I never watched MTM until I got one of the disks on Netflix. As a 31-year-old, I can be classified as either Gen X or Y, depending on how you define it.

    But I don't watch much TV and I grew up without cable so I may be a bad example.

  2. Well, I'm 20 (about to be 21) and I recognize the reference, and anyone who's seen Wayne's World or Family Guy should, because both reference it. However…I'm a bit eclectic in my interests. If you'd like, I'll poll my friends on facebook and get back to you.

  3. Also, I just realized, I think the Wayne's World reference was to Lavern and Shirley…sorry. But still, I'm pretty sure they reference it in family guy. Doesn't she do the "hat throw jump freeze frame" thing in the opening?

  4. 22, and i'm sorry to say the references are over my head.

  5. Alyssa Goodnight

    I'm not sure about a jump, Jason. I thought she just spun around and threw her beret in the air in the middle of downtown Minneapolis.

    If it's not too much trouble, I'd love it if you could check with your friends. Thanks!

  6. I'm 27 and yes I do but I'm not average. I learned about her from Rosie's talk show decades ago and have loved Mary ever since.

  7. Angie and Brian

    I don't think you can expect anyone under 35 to easily recognize MTM. But, that brings back a few smiles. What a great theme song.

  8. Is Mary Tyler Moore outdated? NEVER! 😉

  9. David Cranmer

    Oh, MTM was very influential for this man when he was seven or eight. My mom and I watched the show all the time. Huge crush I still have on her:)

  10. Okay, so the results from my friends on Facebook.

    This is the status I posted:

    "Would all of my friends, from, like…ages 15 to 25 answer a quick question for me? It's for an author friend who's unsure about a reference. Do you know who Mary Tyler Moore is? Do the words, "You're gonna make it after all" have any significant meaning to you? And do you know what I'm talking about when I mention the opening spin?"

    I don't know anyone older than 25, and most people that answered were probably closer to 17 – 23, but anyway…

    8 knew who she was but didn't understand the other two references, however, if I'd mentioned the hat throw/freeze frame it probably would have jogged more memories, but I thought it safest to use your words.

    4 had no idea what I was talking about at all.

    7 understood every reference, but one was confused by the "opening spin." She asked if I was talking about the hat throw…so again…

    2 had vaguely heard the name "Mary Tyler Moore" before, but nothing other than that.

    1 knew who she was and understood the opening spin, but didn't recognize the quote–which is the camp I fell into also.

    There you go! Hope that helps!

  11. Alyssa Goodnight

    Jason! You are AWESOME!! Thank you so much! And thanks to your friends as well! Excellent information.

  12. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I'm guessing no. Which makes me sad.

  13. Anyone who ever watched 7th Heaven should understand the reference too. I'm 38 so I totally know who MTM is and still love the show.

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