Did Not See This Coming…

Oooohhhh my goodness! Jenny Crusiethe Jenny Crusie–has visited and commented on my blog. Admittedly she mistook me for another (considerably more successful and well-known) Alyssa author, but why get bogged down in the details? She was here. On this blog. She left a comment on my collage post–the post displaying my very first collage creation ever. That she inspired me to make.


Posted in Jenny Crusie on 03/26/2010 01:21 pm


  1. wicked awesome

  2. in regard to your question about butter, I used 2 sticks as the recipe called for :) However, it calls for unsalted but I used salted since that's all I had in my fridge, haha. It still turned out good :)

  3. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    I'm happy for you! I know the feeling–how cool!

  4. Travis Erwin

    I love her writing. That is uber-cool.

  5. Now I can say…I knew you when!

  6. Post Grad Hair Cut


  7. That is just fate :)

  8. David Cranmer

    Very, very cool.

  9. awesome! what a great feeling. you go, girl!

  10. Keri Mikulski

    Good stuff. :)

  11. Oh, good grief. I'm really sorry about that. Although, hey, HI. Nice to meet you.

    I'll just slink away now. Have a nice day.


  12. Also, your collage is great.

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