I confess…I am hoarding chocolate.

Normally this wouldn’t be necessary, seeing as there’s no shortage or rationing going on, but in my current deprived state, I feel like it’s necessary.

I gave chocolate up for Lent almost seven weeks ago, thinking it would be good for me and it wouldn’t be too, too terribly difficult. And honestly, I think I’ve handled it just fine. But lately items keep popping into my head–items I can’t have.

Hot fudge sauce on my vanilla ice cream…
Chocolate chip cookies…
Cadbury Mini Eggs…
Brownies…the brownies alone are a killer.

The list is becoming unwieldy and difficult to ignore.
So I’ve started hoarding. The following are sitting in my house, just waiting out the days till Easter Sunday:

1 pkg of coconut M&M’s–I have to at least try them, right?
1 pkg of Dove chocolate truffles–they’re only around at Easter
1 tub of oatmeal raisin dunkers drizzled with white chocolate
1 pkg of Willy Wonka Chocolate Waterfall Individuals–again, how can I not??
2 pkgs of Girl Scout Thin Mints

I also have a recipe sitting front and center on my kitchen counter: Chocolate Marshmallow Cake with Chocolate Satin Frosting.

At this point I’m just hoping I don’t barricade myself in my bedroom with all my chocolate goodies on Easter afternoon and proceed to wolf them down in a frenzy of crazed withdrawal. That wouldn’t be pretty. I’ll try not to do that.

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  1. Hilarious post…and such detail! Unfortunately I did not give up chocolate, and the scales remind me every morning :)

  2. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Now you've made ME crave chocolate! And I haven't even been depriving myself!

  3. Coconut M&Ms sound amazing. And Dove truffle eggs are definitely worth the hoarding.

    Stay strong! It's almost Easter!

  4. I gave up Iced Coffee from McDonald's for lent(Sugar Free Vanilla is my favorite). I've done pretty well until last week. I have to drive past McDonald's every morning on my way to work and I'm afaid my car is going to drive their by itself. My stop on the way to church on Sunday is McDonald's.

  5. haha! love it! everything sounds delicious. i agree with elizabeth, my hips are proof that i was one who also, did not give up chocolate :)

  6. The Gourmet Traveller

    You gave up chocolate? I salute you! That's quite possibly the hardest thing to give up in the lead up to Easter.

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