This, I find hilarious…

From Sycamore Street Press

Although I suppose I might not if I was one of the two… Then again, I might still.

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  1. Travis Erwin

    I love it!

  2. It's great, but as you say you wouldn't want to find out a friend had given it to someone else.

  3. I actually went to that site in hopes they needed someone to work for them 😛 I would be awesome at writing sarcastic greeting cards.

  4. Green Girl in Wisconsin

    That is great!

  5. Post Grad Hair Cut

    haha brilliant and witty cards are the best!

  6. Kate Diamond

    Greeting cards… my secret addiction! Love that card. Who puts out the line?

  7. Alyssa Goodnight

    Kate…it's from Sycamore Street Press.

  8. Elie's Papel

    very cute and funny!!!

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