Whole Lotta Creepy

I was browsing through the toy aisles at Target today, searching for potential girly-girl Christmas gifts for my littlest niece (I have no other exposure to little girl stuff), when I turned onto the baby doll aisle. I’d taken no more than three steps when a sudden movement to my right had me whipping my head around with a start. No fewer than NINE baby dolls had turned their heads to look at me, while garbling some baby noises. Yikes! Talk about a freak out! I stood staring for several seconds before quickly scoping out the rest of the aisle for more pseudo-realistic surprises. I guess I should be relieved that my presence didn’t trigger a group peeing, thus requiring nine baby doll diaper changes.

Light sabers I can handle, but I will not be going down that aisle anytime soon.
If you don’t have time to get to a haunted house this Halloween, I recommend the baby doll aisle at Target…

Posted in baby dolls, Target on 10/05/2009 07:22 pm


  1. Thanks for the warning!

  2. Sorry, but I had to laugh! Sounds seriously creepy. I hope the purchase comes with a nightlight because little girls who get these for presents won't be able to sleep without one.

  3. Stephanie J

    Creepy! Baby dolls can be so strange…

  4. Sounds very young Freddy Krueger….

  5. i have a girl
    & those totally creep me out!
    she can stick with pretend crying & peeing…
    it's good for her imagination :)

  6. You Are My Fave

    Yikes, that is creepy. I think your niece would like a light saber, a safer choice.

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