Party Plans Commence…

This party has been a long time in coming. I posted about it around a year and a half ago and intended that it be the theme of my boys’ birthday party in January. Well January comes after December, and Christmas pretty much takes December hostage, and I suppose we were overwhelmed and exhausted after Christmas and just never got our act together. That, and January weather in the Houston area can be very fickle. It can be freezing cold and rainy or a balmy, humid eighty degrees. And for an outdoor party at the park, weather does come into play.

But we are finally on track for a party on Halloween afternoon: a Muggle Quidditch Match. This will give you the idea, but let me set your minds at rest–the kids will not be ‘riding’ actual broomsticks. We’re using pool noodles, which should make the festivities all the more hilarious.

I’ve been working on the invitations this afternoon and plan to deliver them later this week.

I think it’s just possible that I’m more excited about this party than my boys. Except for having to make all the cloaks that they’ll be wearing. But hopefully their level of enthusiasm will catch up to mine soon. I predict this party will be the stuff of legend.

Posted in muggle quidditch on 10/13/2009 06:07 pm


  1. Those invitations are gorgeous! Wow.

  2. You have to be the coolest mom ever

  3. Will an owl be helping you deliver the invitations?

  4. I'm very jealous.

    And I agree that the invitations are gorgeous.

  5. You Are My Fave

    Oh wow, this is going to be good.

  6. All I can say is now I am overwhelmingly jealous of your son.

    And those invitations look amazing.

  7. Miss Chevious

    those invitations are the cutest!!!

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