Into the thick of it once again…

It’s been quiet around the blog lately…because I have been run off my feet, first getting ready for my anniversary trip to Portland, then actually enjoying said trip, and now, in recovery. We had a lovely time–four and a half days to explore an area of the country completely foreign to us. Waterfalls and various vegetation were the major players. We traipsed through the International Rose Garden, the Japanese Gardens (LOVED them!), apple and pear (and wine!) country, Christmas tree farms and various other verdant, mossy areas interspersed with the wild reds and yellows of autumn. And we even took a leisurely drive down to see the redwoods in Northern California. Hubby couldn’t resist being so close (only six hours!) away without seeing them. They were definitely something. I must admit though that my experience hiking through the gentle giants was somewhat tainted by my crazy wild fear that a grizzly was going to pop out of a jumbo hollow and grab me up as a quick ‘takeaway’ meal without my oblivious husband being any the wiser. Thankfully, I made it out alive, and in looking through my pictures, found this unexpectedly sweet shot taken over the side of the famous Multnomah bridge. (You guys do see that heart I’m seeing, right? Turn your head sideways–I can’t get the picture to upload with the correct orientation.)

And now we’re back…and gearing up for this weekend’s Quidditch match. I’m crossing my fingers for good weather and good sportsmanship and good spirits. At the very least it should be good for some hilarity.

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  1. I would love to live on a Christmas Tree farm glad that you had a good trip.

  2. Keri Mikulski

    Wow – what a pic. :) Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Fantastic photo. I had to download it and turn it 90 degrees in photopaint but then I could see the heart.

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