Orange you glad…

Yesterday my older son (nine and a half) told me he had a fool-proof cure for the hiccups. Given my son’s proclivity towards making sweeping statements of fact, I was naturally a bit skeptical. He told me all you have to do is stare at something that is the color orange ‘as hard as you can’. Now this sounded positively ridiculous to me, so I responded only with the ambiguous ‘Hmmm’ that moms use all the time. So today I had the hiccups–twice. The first time I made a show of announcing it, along with my search for and stare-down of something orange (just happened to be a bag of candy corn). What do you know, it worked–my hiccups disappeared. Then again later, hiccups again. So I tried The Method with a bag of carrots. Worked again. Now I’m wondering if this is merely coincidence (like when someone offers you a twenty dollar bill if you’ll only hiccup again–or maybe that’s not a coincidence…) or if there might be something to it. Maybe the glitch that causes the hiccups is soothed by the warmth and cheeriness of the color orange. Makes you wonder–are hiccups less prevalent during the month of October with its pumpkins galore? Something to think about…

Something else to think about: how did my son come up with this Method?

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  1. I too am curious how he came up with it, and I'm oddly eager to get the hiccups so I can test this out.

    About your question on my blog: I have no idea if my trapped toad is a boy or a girl, but given that I named the toad "Jocelyn," it seems appropriate to refer to the toad as "she." The toad could be a he and a highly offended he, for all I know. As for how I know which toad is which, easy. One is gigantic and the other is toad-sized.

  2. I'm so excited for the next time I get the hiccups! I will report my findings.

  3. I just bought a bright orange mug….

  4. We're painting our living room orange!
    My husband doesn't know this yet. I just decided today.
    i will never have hiccups AGAIN.

  5. Keri Mikulski

    Interesting.. :)

  6. You Are My Fave

    What? I think these is an experiment that I need to test out. I've never heard anything like this but I get the hiccups way too often.

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